started thomas was alone last night.

helped me get over some bad news.

thanks thomas devs.

Favorite Zoning Code of the Day

Article 55.    Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations*

9-4.55.5 Commercial Uses.

(f)    Commercial Recreation: Indoor Sports and Recreation.

(7)  Dance floors, discotheques: one (1) space per every twenty (20) square feet of dance floor area plus one (1) per every fifty (50) square feet of assembly area;

see ya later syracuse

see ya later syracuse

see ya later syracuse

see ya later syracuse

In a hypothetical "Journey Into Mystery: The Movie," who would be your picks to play Kid Loki and Leah?


I’m terrible at these kind of questions. 

But I think JIM would work better as animation.

oh hell yes.

oh hell yes

oh hell yes



12 hours late, but happy eclipse y’all!

just me or the youtube music awards pretty great?

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our relationship to infrastructures

Paul Graham Raven talked about infrastructure, about what we mean (or think we mean) when we say that word, and about why infrastructure is not so much invisible as illegible: omnipresent, ubiquitous, but almost always Someone Else’s Problem. He compared the Someone Else’s Problem problem to the “hypnosis of normality” which Anab Jain (designer at Superflux) suggests design fiction is intended to dispel. Paul proposes that the tools of design fiction and critical theory can, and should, be turned outward upon the complex, interdependent and surprisingly fragile metasystems on which our lived reality is utterly dependent.

Paul’s Awesome Talk from Improving Reality 2013